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The birth of CREO-MI

The idea for this project comes from two mothers that were moved by their child's curiosity towards the outside world and their ability of learning through conducting small experiments. To support their inclinations, the two mothers were looking for a place where the children could learn through using different and unstructured materials.

This idea gave birth to our association, CREO-MI.

CREO-Mi is a non-profit social advancement association that proposes cultural activities with social utiity both for the members and for third parties. The activities of the association pursue different aims: first, to grow people's awariness of the environmental impact of their actions, second, to support an eco-friendly culture, then to give materials a second life through using them for different purposes then the intended ones. At last, to develop a dialogue between the educational and the industrial world.

The association established a creative up-cycling center where to pursue its goals through storing materials coming from industrial donations, by-products, leftovers and unsaleable products.



Do you have manifacturing waste materials or products wich are no more saleable?

You can make us a donation and turn your waste into a resource through our upcycling activities.

We guarantee that all the received materials will be used only for educational and non-profit projects.


Are you working in the educational or cultural field  where unstructured materials are useful to develop manual and cognitive skills?

You can become a member of the association and pick up as many materials as you need, promoting at the same time the development of an eco-friendly culture.


Are you an artist interested in unstructured materials and environmental issues?

Contact us, we would like to know you!

Make a material donation to CREO-MI:
why ?

Thanks to a collaboration with this project you can raise the sustainability of your company and help us create value out of waste products.

There are several ways to support CREO-MI, you can become a member, or you can help us suggesting how to use the proposed materials, or you can make us a material donation. Contact us to know more!


Whatsoever physical or giuridical person, or non-profit institution that shares the creed of the association can become a member of it.

The association fee is establisherd every year and it is personal.

2019 annual personal association fee is 15 euros.

The collective card allows people from the same institution to pick up materials. Its annual fee is 50 euros for 2019.

Membership card is case-sensitive, and it may not be duplicated or given to a third party. It must be presented upon every access to the Emporium. In case of loss, a duplicate will be printed bearing the above clause in order to prevent improper use of the same card.

'If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.'

G. B. Shaw



How do we process your personal data?

CREO-MI stores the information you gave us through european regulation UE 2016/679 using the listed criteria.

We keep personal data inside our database for a limited lapse of time, with the only aim of contacting the person who filled the form, and we don't disclose any information to third parties.

Whenever you like, you can:

  • ask for a copy of the recorded personal form, or ask for a change of your stored personal information;
  • require the immediate deletion of your personal data.

For more information write to info@creomi.it


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